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Hawker Landing Gear
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The 1, 2, 3 – GO! Program Gives You More Choices & A Better Overhaul!

* Flat Rate on landing gear other than 1st overhaul requires a log book review prior to pricing.

Latest Technology At No Extra Charge

Latest Technology At No Extra Charge

Products & Services

AV8 MRO offers unique solutions for all of your Hawker landing gear needs:

  • Landing Gear Overhaul
  • Exchanges of Component & Ship Sets (Availble at Av8mro)
  • Overhaul and return of your landing gear in as little as 4-weeks
  • Landing Gear Repairs
  • Engineering Evaluations
  • International Support
  • PMA Capabilities
  • Repair Specification Approval to manufacture hard to get or out of production parts.